Photo Album 9 - Channel Gazing

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"Channel Gazing"


Above: Rommel inspects an Atlantic Wall fortification on the coast of France. This model took over 350 hours to complete. The bunker is a Verlinden product, Rommel and his Staff are Tamiya products, and the Horch car is Tamiya as well. The barbed wire is thin metal wire that I sprayed with flat coat and rolled in sawdust - then I painted it an aluminim color and chalked it with a rust color. The landscape is Celluclay. The bunker is fully detailed, with an MG42, a stove, phone, coffee pot, table, chairs, rations, coat hooks, boxes of ammo, etc. It is lit by a dollhouse light, run by a transformer fitted under the diorama. The light is on a plastic rod that can be removed from under the diorama if the bulb burns out.


Above: This picture was taken with a "fake" background of blue paper, some trees from my spare landscaping stuff, and some outstanding photography by my sister Rickie. Rommel gazes into the field glasses while his staff confers about the Field Marshal's last comments.


Above: This soldier, contemplating the upcoming invasion, has distanced himself from his comrades for a more private viewing of the choppy waters of the English Channel. The sign to his left warns oncomers of the mines ahead.

Channel Gazing - Overall Top View.jpg

Above: In this overview of "Channel Gazing", the Horch Staff Car is clearly visible, as well as the red wine awaiting the Field Marshal. To the right of the "table" can be seen a kneeling communications officer doing his job for the Reich.


Above: When in France, do as the French do. These soldiers quickly produce a typical French meal for the Field Marshal - A "baguette" of French bread, some "saucisson", or hard salami, some cheese, and of course, some French wine is available on the makeshift table.