Photo Album 36 - Restoration Project IV

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The Privateer
Here she is before the wash and cleaning. Hardly any color is visible, her rigging, especially on the bow sprite, totally busted up and hanging raggedly over the side. Her flags, made of leather, are torn and half off her mastheads. Her main mast is broken at the top. Most of the rigging between her masts is gone.


BELOW: A close up of the bow section, covered in dust and grease. Again, notice all the broken rigging.


BELOW: The restored bow, with all the rigging replaced. Compare this to the first picture on this page.




Above: THE "BULL" GALLEON - One of the three Galleons is done. I called this one the Bull Galleon because of the figurehead. See picture below.


Below: THE MERMAID GALLEON - This one had a gilded mermaid for a figurehead. She's all pretty and proud, ready to go. Virtually ALL the rigging on this one was removed and replaced.


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