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Armored Recon, Anzio 1944

Anzio Armored Recon - Right Side Overal View.jpg

Above: A side view from the church side. Note the graffiti on the ruined house, and the GI in the foreground stopping imaginary traffic off the diorama.


Above: The back of the diorama. The circular fountain is cork, and the dolphins in the center are sterling silver from my jewelry shop. The statue of the Virgin Mary in the church is a pewter figurine from my shop as well. The water in the stream is resin, and the plant life on the walls is moss from my back yard.

Anzio Armored Recon - M3 Chaffee Closeup.jpg

Above: A closeup of the M-24 Chaffee light tank. The driver and gunner look at each other in disbelief at the scene in front of them, while the tank commander holds his canteen and waits patiently for the situation to be resolved. Soon, he may contemplate ending the stalemate with his .45 Thompson.