Photo Album 29 - My kids are in on the action - Christian's Dioramas

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Photo Album 29 - My kids are in on the action - Christian's Dioramas
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Above: One of Christian's first dioramas, made when he was 12. A Jagdpanther crashes through a Normandy hedgerow, while a foot soldier turns to throw a grenade. When he was 5 or 6, he used to sneak into the model room, open an unbuilt model, and try to put it together with Scotch tape.


Above: Christian's Heinkel HE-111 sits on a hardstand in Germany. Nearby, an AA gun sits at the ready. The model is almost done - just a few more details and clean up remain.


Above: The HE-111 under construction in the model shop. The staple medium bomber for the Luftwaffe throughout WWII, the HE-111 was adequate for the early days of the war, but was obsolete by 1943 and easy prey for Allied fighters.


Above: An F-15 sits on a runway, guarded by an MP. This model was Christian's first jet, built when he was 13. At 13, I could not have come close to this kind of detail.