Photo Album 20 - "Corner Kick" Curtiss P-40

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"Corner Kick"
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

P-40 overview.jpg

Above: The whole diorama. A Curtiss P-40E in RAF service during the North African campaign. The P-40 kit is a Revell-Monogram 1/32 scale kit. For the first time, I decided to combine aircraft and armor in this diorama. The armor is actually 1/35 scale, but nobody's perfect. The large palm tree between the differently scaled models serves to bring the two scales together by actually separating them to the eye. The plane, the vehicles and their crews have taken a break from war to watch a soccer game. Believe it or not, the Germans and Brits sometimes called a truce for the occasional Sunday afternoon soccer game, and one of these truces is depicted here.


Above: A Close up of the P-40, named after my daughter.


Above: Warm beer and soccer. The day's event is chalked on the board attached to the palm tree. The board reads "Truce with Jerries, Sunday 2PM to 5PM", and names the opponents for the day's game.


Above: The corner kick. A player takes aim at the soccer ball, while a defender is at the ready in front of him. To the right, an officer officiates.


Above: A US M3 Stuart light tank, built by American Car and Foundry, and a British Daimler scout car; both kits are from Tamiya. The Stuart was named after fabled Confederate General Jeb Stuart. Fast and reasonably well armed for a light tank, the Stuart, called the "Honey" in British service, was indeed a honey of a tank. It was extensively used by the US and Britain, seeing service throughout the war in Europe and the Pacific. Armed with a 37mm anti tank gun and five .30 caliber machine guns, the Stuart made an excellent scout tank and was able to hold its own against almost any Japanese tank, but was no match for most German tanks - that's where the speed of the Stuart was a great asset. The Daimler scout car was extensively modified from the original kit, with many interior details added, as well as a .30 caliber gun on a center post.


Above: More warm beer and soccer. The edge of the desert soccer field can be seen in the right foreground. Behind the 55 gallon drums, an officer drinks with his men.