Photo Album 33 - Antique Ships Restoration Project

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Photo Album 33 - Antique Ships Restoration Project
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First Project - The Steamer - Before restoration

Above and below:The wooden Steamer SS BEAR - before restoration. 20+ years of grease and dust are encrusted on this poor ship, and she's lost all her vibrant colors.All of these ships were hanging in a very high class German restaurant in Washington,DC called "Old Europe". It is an excellent restaurant with fabulous authentic German Cuisine, located at 2434 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20007. The owner is a friend and client of mine. The ships had not been cleaned or taken down for over 20 years, and the restaurant just underwent a renovation, so the ships came down and I am restoring them. 


Above: Another view of the SS BEAR  before cleaning.


And here she is after 14 hours of work, using a power air compressor, lots of cotton and cleaner and much TLC. I sanded down the sails and restained them, as well as the masts. Fixed the rigging, added a little paint here and there but was careful to not lose the "charm" of the original paint job. I also added a few brass parts to "liven" her up a bit. The seemingly random wires are the wire cable used to hang the ship.


ABOVE: Full view of the restored SS BEAR


ABOVE: The Drakkar before clean up. Drakkar is the name commonly given to the fast ships the Vikings used for commerce and exploration, as well as their frequent armed incursions against their neighbors. They were extremely seaworthy ships, and more than one of them reached North American shores 500 years before Columbus did. This one was a bit easier to deal with, since it is all metal. Once the dust was washed off - and this one I could simply run under the shower - the rest was polish. However, the hull and sail were so oxidized that it still took 4-5 hours of brushing and polishing with the Dremel tool to get as far as I did.


LEFT: The Drakkar after clean up - the color and vibrance of the ship is restored.

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